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ROS Hydro Medusa Released!

posted Sep 5, 2013, 2:31 AM by Gonçalo Cabrita
ROS Hydro Medusa is out!!!

"Hi Everyone, 

We are happy to announce the release for ROS Hydro Medusa! [0] This is the 7th official release of ROS and thanks to the large growing community it is by far the most capable.  [1]

This is the result of many contributors.  Over 50 maintainers released packages into Hydro during the pre-release cycle.  Resulting in over 700 packages available in the initial release on all three supported platforms (Ubuntu Precise, Ubuntu Quantal, Ubuntu Raring)[2]  However the publicly released packages is a small portion of the greater ROS ecosystem.  The rosdistro repository has 248 public forks where people are working on their own customizations and the repository has already integrated over 1000 pull requests from these contributors.  [3][4]  We expect people to continue releasing new packages to be built on top of the already released hydro packages as they have done for Groovy and other distributions in the past.  

For a quick visualization of the many people committing over the course of the Hydro development cycle we generated a video here:

With Hydro released we can officially start planning for Indigo Igloo which is targeted for release in April 2014.  If you would like to bring up a topic of interest for the Indigo development cycle I suggest you take a look at existing Special Interest Groups(SIG) [5] or start a discussion here on ros-users if you cannot find an appropriate SIG. Indigo will be the first release on the new 12 month cycle as discussed on ROS Users.  [6] 

Also with the release of Hydro and the beginning of looking at Indigo development we officially drop support for ROS Fuerte.  There are several patches which we expect to backport from the Hydro development however in the not to distant future new builds of Fuerte packages will no longer be possible.  

Your ROS Hydro Medusa Release Team