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José Augusto Soares Prado

Post Doc
At the Lab Since: 01/02/2013

jaugusto (at)


José Augusto Soares Prado, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineer and Computers, University of Coimbra.

His Ph.D. was in the scope of Robotics, more specifically Human-Robot-Interaction for social robots focused on Bayesian approach for emotive components. His MSc was in the area of probabilistic algorithms and artificial intelligence. He progressed his studies in the area of Human-Robot-Interaction where using Bayesian Network models, within the BACS European Project. As a researcher, he has participated and contributed to several European Projects, such as: BACS (Bayesian Approach for Cognitive Systems), SocialRobot, and TIRAMISU (Toolbox Implementation for Removal of Anti-personnel Mines, Submunitions and Uxo). He is currently integrated in the LSE research group within the Institute of Systems and Robotics FCT-UC,