Research on the Embedded Systems Lab is focused on the area of field and service robotics, mainly robotics for hazardous scenarios. Research topics range from sensor networks to robot swarming. However, mobile robot odor sensing is a constant in the majority of the projects. When you think of the ISR Embedded Systems Lab eNoses and mobile robot olfaction related algorithms immediately come to mind.

Current Projects

This section contains the projects which are currently under active development on the Embedded Systems Lab. If you would like to exchange some thoughts about any of the projects just send an email to any of the involved researchers. Read more...


In this section you can find all the publications made by Embedded Systems Lab personel. The majority of the publications are related to current or past projects developed at the lab. Feel free to browse and contact us if you wish to know more about a particular work.
Past Projects

This section contains past Embedded Systems Lab projects. These projects are now longer under active development. However, research never stops! So if you find anything interesting dont hesitate to send us an email!

MSc Dissertations

This section contains MSc project proposals for students finishing their Integrated Master degree at the University of Coimbra. Cannot find anything you like? Do you have the next big idea? Drop us an email! Read more...