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Current Projects

This section contains the projects which are currently under active development on the Embedded Systems Lab. If you would like to exchange some thoughts about any of the projects just send an email to any of the involved researchers.

Most of the ongoing research at the LSE is related to mobile robot olfaction, thus most of the projects in this page revolve around this topic. However as the field of mobile robotics is very broad it is possible to find a wide range of exciting topics here!

All-Terrain Robot

TIRAMISU European Project
The all-terrain robot is an on-going project. This robot, designed to be a general purpose all-terrain robot will allow to conduct odor related research on outdoor environments. This 4 wheel electric drive beast has independent direction for each wheel plus a hybrid suspension systems which includes a linear actuator and a regular shock. Read more...

PhD Project
3D CLIMBER is a robot able to climb from structures with bents and branches. It is able to stay attached to the structure with one gripper, and the arm can perform manipulation. We are trying to do fine manipulation with the other gripper. 

Cooperative 3D Structure Mapping for Climber Robots Aid
Post Doc Project
The goal of the project presented here is to be able to use a ground robot equipped with a depth sensor to generate a 3D map of a structure composed of poles as it is climbed by a climbing robot. 

Internal Project
VirtualPlume is a plume simulation software. It is currently available for Player/Stage as a plugin driver or for ROS, bringing plume simulation into the world of mobile robotics. Read more...

Particle Plume Explorer
Internal Project
Particle Plume Explorer is a an odor guided exploration and plume tracking algorithm that builds on top of the odor mapping Particle Plume package.  

MsC Project
The OptoNose is an electronic nose based on lumophore's amplified quenching effect. Intensity and wavelength variations of sensors emission contain information of vapors present in the air.  Read more...

Internal Project
The SensorNetwork is a RS-485 network of gas and airflow sensors designed to perform plume monitoring inside the LSE arena, a structure built for the purpose of odor related mobile robot experiments. Read more...