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MsC Project
Keywords: Artificial Nose, Electronic Nose, Luminescence,
People Involved: Hélder Silva and Lino Marques

The OptoNose is an electronic nose based on lumophore's amplified quenching effect. Intensity and wavelength variations of sensors emission contain information of vapors present in the air.

This project is a collaboration between LSE and the chemistry department of University of Coimbra. The main objective of OptoNose is to develop a small and fast artificial nose based on optical sensors. To develop such device we will use a small camera to acquire information from sensors, and to excite the fluorescent sensors we will use multiple wavelength LEDs.

Besides the novel sensors and acquisition system, we intend to find the best pattern recognition algorithm to perform online recalibration of the system, because these chemical sensors will probabbly suffer from poisoning, aging or drift.