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Internal Project
Keywords: Mobile robot, plume, odor, simulation

VirtualPlume is a plume simulation software. It is currently available for Player/Stage as a plugin driver or for ROS, bringing plume simulation into the world of mobile robotics.

It is capable of feeding simulated chemical plumes from a wide range of sources, from mathematical models to data generated by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. It is also able to use data collected from real world experiments, enabling it to playback a recorded chemical plume over and over again, both on a simulated environment and robot as well as on a real robot.


This software package poses as a great tool for developing odor search algorithms, providing a smooth path of progression from a simulated robot and environment, to a real robot with a simulated plume and finally to a real experiment.

For further information about VirtualPlume for Player/Stage send us an email.

PlumeSim for ROS can be downloaded from the isr-uc-ros-pkg repository, for more information visit the ROS wiki.

Related Publications
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